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The shipping of your order will be handled by on site professionals whose only concern is to ensure that the high quality of your chocolates will be maintained throughout the entire packaging and shipping process. Shipping chocolate requires expert handling to maintain the freshness of our product. We use UPS as our primary shipping company as their quality and experience is second to none. The below chart shows the ground shipping charges for your purchase. These prices are valid from approx. October – March.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change as the weather gets above 68 degrees to ensure quality and freshness. Warmer months shipping prices may increase to $30–$40 depending on the destination, as will need to ship one day overnight delivery.

Price spent on products Ground shipping price
$0.00 – $60.00 $12.95
$60.01 – $90.00 $13.95
$90.01 – $180.00 $15.95
$180.01 – $420.00 $18.95
$420.01 – $620.00 $24.95
$620.01 + $33.95